I require a deposit to secure all bookings. Even short notice same day bookings. This acts as a screening process and shows that you are serious about spending time with me. This is non-negotiable. 

The deposit amount depends on the length of booking, but generally $150 for every hour of our booking.  

Deposits are not refundable, as I put a lot of time and effort into both clearing my schedule and making myself available for you, and getting ready for our date together, but with enough notice can be shifted to another day.

In the rare event that I cancel on you it will be refunded in full. 

My preferred methods are:

Beemit app – for those who want something anonymous and instant

Owned by Combank, NAB and Westpac – To create an account please visit  https://www.beemit.com.au/    contact me directly for my username. 

Cardless ATM deposit-  all you have to do is deposit cash into an ATM, this method is completely anonymous 

Bank Transfer- Contact me directly for me details. I will only accept bank transfer a few days prior as they take some time to clear, unless you bank with Commonwealth.

BTC- Bitcoin, I welcome crypto currency. Please note these transfers can take a couple hours. Anon but not instant. 

International clients:

Traveling to Melbourne and don’t have access to the other methods listed above? I will also take e- gift cards emailed to info.lily@protonmail.com











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