I am super excited to meet you, here are a few things to know before we meet.

How can I prepare before the session?

The tone of how you make the booking sets the tone for how we spend out time together. If you email me respectfully, follow my booking guidelines, and send me a deposit I get excited to meet you. Please note I am extremely selective in who I see, being polite, concise, and respectful will get you far. I reserve the right to refuse bookings if I do not feel we are a good fit. I may ask you for additional references from a reputable provider.

Other than that please practice good hygiene practices, be cleaner than you usually would be. We are going to be getting up close and personal, so you want to be as fresh as a daisy. Brush your teeth, wash yourself thoroughly. BBBJ is performed at my discretion, and if you are not up to my hygiene standards I reserve the right to refuse. Don’t put me in a position where we are both embarrassed. 

Be punctual and arrive at the time of your session, and refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and eating spicy foods before your scheduled session. If you show up drunk, I will not see you and you are not entitled to a refund. Please have my payment ready for me in cash in the first 5 mins of our meeting, it is impolite and turns me off to make me ask for it.



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